Health & SafetyLocks

Adams Drillers have a high safety standard and apply an efficient safety culture.
We have an excellent safety record and a proactive method of dealing with incidents and issues as they arise.

We hold a verity of training courses at our home base in Wangaratta including first aid training, manual handling and equipment competency. We have in- house equipment and training competency register where staff is trained in the use of new and modified equipment, as well as training of new staff to existing equipment.

A copy of our EHS systems manual, JSA’s and associated documents are available on request.

Equipment Inspection

Adams Drillers’ Rig, Mud pumps and associated equipment has undergone ModuSpec inspections and are deemed fit for purpose. ModuSpec is a highly respected oil and gas equipment inspection company, that have 25 years experience inspecting drilling equipment. The passing of this inspection is mandatory for all contracts within the oil and gas sector, it provides the client with the assurance that all equipment and systems to be used on site are safe, compliant and able to provide the most efficient and cost effective services.

A copy of ModuSpec inspection reports are available upon request.

The key compliance areas of this audit are:

• EHS systems and procedures.

• Crew training and associated tickets/licences.

• Equipment condition, safety and fit for purpose.

• Adequate critical spares and stock levels to minimise downtime.

• Emergency response procedures.

• Preventative maintenance procedures.