Our Rigs

bourne 1250r035






Rig 1 Bourne Drill 1250R

Type: Table Drive

Purpose: Rotary mud drilling Rotary air drilling Work-Over

On-Board: Mud pump Air Compressor

Max Depth: 300m with 3-1/2” drill string.

Rig has recently undergone a full rebuild and has safety equipment fitted including emergency stop buttons, signage, rotation guarding and equipment. Rig speciality is mud rotary work up to 500mm.






Rig 3 Atlas Copco T3W-DH

Type: Top head drive

Purpose: Rotary Air Rotary Mud Down-hole hammer

On-Board: Air Compressor 1200CFM/350PSI Water injection Max Depth: 1000m with 4-1/2%E










Rig 4 PortaDrill Prospector

Type: Table Drive

Purpose: Mud Rotary

On-Board: 2x Mud pumps

Max Depth: 600m with 4-1/2” Drill string

The rig is semi-trailer mounted and is capable of drilling deep water well. Rig mast is able to run 9m casing and drill string.









Rig 6 Ingersol Rand TH60

Type: Top-Head Drive

Purpose: Rotary Mud, Rotary Air, Down-Hole Hammer

Casing Advance with Top hammer

On-Board: Air Compressor – 1100CFM/350PSI

Max Depth: 400m with 4-1/2” Drill string

The rig is very well suited to large diameter down-hole hammer and mud rotary work. The rig is available with casing hammer for advancing casing through fractured overburden waste disposal sites. Rig has undergone ModuSpec third party equipment inspection.

Rig 7 - Cable tool










Rig 7 Ruston Bucyrus

Type: Cable tool

Purpose: Cable tool and work-over

Max Depth: 300m+-

The rig has recently been re-fitted under late model truck and has hydraulic jacks fitted. The rig has been modernized with guards and safety equipment to comply with current OHS systems.

Rig 9 - Hanjin D&B 35 Multi

Rig 9 D&B 35 Multi

Type: Top head drive

Purpose: Wire-line diamond coring, Rotary Mud, Rotary Air, Down-hole hammer.

On-Board: Triplex bean pump for diamond coring.

Max Depth:HQ Coring to 1200m, NQ to 2000m, Rotary mud/air to 800m with 3-1/2” Drill string.

The rig is new and fitted with hands free make and break and rod loader. The rig is fitted with safety guarding and equipment and is built around MDG guidelines.

Rig 11 - DR24

Rig 11 DR24

Type: Dual Rotary, Topdrive and lower rotary casing table

Purpose: Dual Rotary Mud & Air,  Rotary Mud, Rotary Air, DHH,  large diameter coring, up to 24” piling.

On-Board: 900CFM 350PSI air compressor.

Max Depth: 200m with 24” casing. 1100m mud rotary.

Simultaneously drill and install casing in difficult ground conditions. Features hands free rod loader and make-break for convential drilling.












Rig 12 WEI D50S

Type: Topdrive

Purpose: Rotary Air, Rotary Mud, DHH, Coring, Reverse Circulation Mud.

Max Depth: 1800m Vertical, 2200m steered lateral (pending ground conditions)

Oil and gas rig built to API specification. Highly suited to Coal Seam Gas, SIS gas drainage and deep, large diameter water bores.

Features; Hands free rod loading, Hands free high torque make/break, 3m of clearance below rig floor.








Rig 13 – ROC 306

Type: Topdrive underground rig

Purpose: Rotary Air, DHH