Casing Options

Successful bores will be lined with appropriate casing to prevent the collapse of surrounding strata and also to provide a safe housing for the pump installed in the hole.

Types of casing

In different situations we will choose a casing material which is suitable for your bore, this depends on:

  • strength requirements
  • corrosion resistance
  • cost considerations
  • permit/legal requirements

We are able to calculate the required tensile strengths, collapse and burst pressure requirements, we are then able to make recommendations on the material most appropriate.

Several Types Used:

  • uPVC
  • Low Carbon Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • FRP/GRE (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic/Glass Reinforced Epoxy)
  • ABS

Water entry

Adams Drillers are able to offer several different options for water entry into the well. Depending on requirements we are able to offer:

  • Wedge Wire Screen
  • Machine Slotted uPVC
  • Slotted steel (stainless and low carbon)
  • Perforated charges
  • Slotted FRP