Bore FAQ

What is a bore…

“Bore_ means any bore or well or any excavation or other work connected or proposed to be connected with sources of sub-surface water and used or proposed to be use or capable of being used to obtain supplies or such water whether the water flows naturally at all times or has to be raised either wholly or at times by pumping or other artificial means” – Water act 1912

Bores to be licenced –
The sinking of a bore shall not be commenced, nor shall a bore be enlarged, deepened or altered unless:
a) in pursuance of a licence issued under this part. Or
b) the bore is to be sunk, enlarged, deepened or altered by the Crown.

Why do I need a licence?
The water act states that all works connected to a source of underground water and used for water supply, waste disposal , or any other purpose must be licenced A work includes any of the following: bore, well, excavation, shaft, trench, collector system, spear point, artesian bore or variations on these basic structures.
A bore licence provides landholders with the legal right to access and use groundwater. By obtaining the appropriate licence, landholders are granted an entitlement to use groundwater.